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O.Z. Enterprises engineers and designs a project based on the specification. The devices chosen for each project to meet the specifications are of the latest technology and the best of the breed. 

The project is engineered and drawings are created using CAD. The CAD drawings, along with the equipment submittals and operation and maintenance manuals, are then submitted for approval. When the drawings and equipment submittals have been approved, the engineer has a release meeting with the operations manager to review the project. The operations manager will then assign the project to a project manager and review the project with him. The project manager will assign an electrical and pneumatic foreman to the project for installation.

The Engineering Process

  • Review the project specification thoroughly.

  • Design the project using CAD. 

  • Write the sequences of operation. 

  • Submit the CAD drawings, sequences, and equipment submittals for approval.

  • Generate software.

  • Upon receiving approved drawings and submittals, the engineer schedules a release meeting with the operations manager to transfer control of the project.


CAD Drawings in PDF Format

O.Z. engineers and generates drawings utilizing CAD and an 11" x 17" drawing format. O.Z. can convert a project's drawing(s) to PDF format for easy reference and future storage and troubleshooting. 

View sample drawings below (to be available soon):

Hot Water System
Air Handing Unit
Unit Ventilator

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