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Owner Sales and Retrofit Projects

O.Z. Enterprises sells direct to owners — projects specific to owners’ desires, upgrades of existing temperature control systems, and energy management solutions. 


O.Z. engineers and designs a project based on an owner’s request or O.Z.’s recommendation for a specific system(s). This project could be a retrofit of an existing pneumatic temperature control system, upgrade of an existing DDC system, or a specific energy management project. 

The devices chosen for each project are engineered to meet the owner’s project requirements and are of the latest technology and “best of the breed.” The project is engineered and drawings are created using CAD. 

Owner / Retrofit Sales Procedures

  • Review the project with the owner — understand what the owner is requesting and / or make specific recommendations to the owner.

  • Survey the HVAC system / systems thoroughly — know what exists and determine what is needed to achieve the final goal. 

  • Work with engineering to finalize an accurate estimate to include: material, labor, engineering, software, commissioning, and training.

  • Generate a proposal for the owner.

  • Meet with the owner and discuss the proposal in detail.

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