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System Integration

Solutions for Connecting Devices to the Enterprises

Tridium, a global software and technology company, is 
the  inventor of the Niagara Framework®, a universal
software platform that helps manufacturers develop Internet-enabled equipment systems and device-to-enterprise applications. 

Niagara resolves the challenges associated with the open systems, integration, and interoperability by integrating diverse systems and devices — regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol — into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the Internet. 

The VYKON suite of products and enterprise applications is powered by the Niagara Framework and targets specific application needs in key markets served by Tridium. VYKON Building, VYKON Energy, and VYKON Security enable facilities managers, building owners, energy service companies, and systems integrators to integrate proprietary and otherwise incompatible products into a unified enterprise solution. This allows personnel using a standard web browser to measure, manage, and control a wide variety of facilities, energy, and security applications from anywhere in the world.

  • Inherent capability to open all future building management projects for competitive vendor bidding due to Vykon’s ability to access any and all information.

  • Project integration delivers a future-proof and fully functioning open control system with products selected purely on “best of breed” criteria.

  • Managers can read real-time energy and operational data and send commands to and from different devices. Using any web browser, they can take immediate action to help manage energy consumption and costs, correct comfort problems, or do whatever else is necessary for smooth and concise building operations – from anywhere.

  • If a customer wants to extend or change the control system in any way, he is not restricted to using any one brand, but can select the best equipment for the job, without affecting the integrity of the installation.

  • Services designed to operate on independent Bacnet, Lonworks® and Modbus controlbus networks, can be interoperable and remotely accessible via a web-based control environment.

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